We are finally getting around to estate planning

We met with a lawyer today…wow lots of decisions to make for contingency planning, but it’s been worth it!

I had thought for a while that it was only needed when you had a lot of money to pass along, but with a 4 year old, it’s imperative.

It also helped us find some finanial issues! Reporting all of our bank balances made me realize we have way too many :). I’m an out of sight out of mind person, so kept tiny amounts in various accounts thinking I wouldn’t spend it when it is inconvient..but it really makes no sense at all, so I’ll be combining some accounts. And, most importantly, when my husband went to confirm the amount of life insurance we have for me through his company, his benefits said “waived”! When he changed positions this past May, the HR person said it would all carry over. Apparently there was a glitch and it didn’t!!!! Since it was only like 1.50 a month, he hasn’t noticed that they hadn’t been taking it out. Ugh!!! More reason to read those pay stubs very carefully every month!!!