One of the important aspects of the DR plan was

driven home to me hard on Thursday. Some of you already know where this is going.
If you people haven’t got your Legacy Drawer put together I really want to stress to you how important this is and hopefully what I am about to tell you will bring about the good of you getting your own affairs in order.
We’ve got ours started and have a lot of the details worked out, but have never made it to the lawyer to draw up our wills. Thankfully I don’t need my dh’s will, but there was a point Thursday when we both thought I might need it.
Dh very nearly became one of those “news stories” you read about, but think it will never happen to someone you know.
His brush with danger started mid-afternoon and I heard about it from ds after the danger was over. Thankfully our children were raised to always start with “Everything’s okay, Dad’s not hurt” Or I may have had a stroke when ds called me to tell me that dh had found himself locked in an office with a fellow employee that was having a psychotic break. As it was going down no one knew if the man was armed or not, not even dh for certain. Dh was extremely worried about the possibility when the guy started talking about the fact he had Kevlar on under his chain saw pants.
The first ds knew that his father was in possible danger was when they evacuated the floor, and of course they wouldn’t let him go to his father. To say the stress was hard on both of them would be an understatement.
What details I do know are sketchy, no one is even certain what sent the man off. The police were called, but before they got there the bosses managed to get in the office and remove the co-worker from dh’s vicinity. Luckily no one was hurt. As soon as dh was safe ds called me, because of course dh was being questioned by everyone as to exactly what had happened.
I of course became a basket case here at home waiting to hear dh’s voice to reassure me that he was fine. I want to thank Keisha so much for holding my hand virtually while this was all going on, she helped me get myself under control before dh called me. He did so about one hour later, the first chance he got to call me. He maintained his clarity of mind and handled the situation just like he should and that is probably why he walked out of the office physically unharmed. He waited until he was home before it hit him how much danger he had been in.
The bosses kept calling on and off all evening and told him to take as many days off as he needed with pay. It seems they had sent the guy home earlier in the day and told him not to come back until he spoke with a “therapist”. They didn’t disable his security pass, nor had they told all the employees. Had they done so, dh would have never been in that office with him alone. They had just started the process of telling the employees one by one that if the guy was spotted in the building or parking lot to notify security immediately. It was one of them on the way to tell dh that realized the warning had came too late and called security and 911. I owe that man a lot.
The whole incident made me realize what all my bad dreams I’ve been having this last month were about and why in each dream my deceased fil would show up. I fully believe that dh’s guardian angel is his father and Alvin was there helping dh stay calm and handle the situation.
We had already planned a weekend getaway to Silver Dollar City for their Old Time Christmas Festival, so we left the next morning instead of the original late afternoon we had planned.
The getaway helped him recover to some extent. He truly enjoyed the good Christian atmosphere of SDC, the holiday decorations and the wonderful Broadway style productions of Dicken’s Christmas Carol, It’s a Wonderful Life, A living nativity (all of which were musicals) as well as a lot of good musical shows throughout the park. It really helped him relax.
I did notice him getting tenser and tenser as we got closer to home, but he says he is going into work tomorrow. Ds and I think he should see the counselor the company has offered to pay for, for all the employees. Ds is planning on seeing him himself because the terror of nearly losing his father has been giving him nightmares.
In just a blink of an eye, I could have lost the one I love the most. Praise the Lord it didn’t happen.
It could have happened, but thank God it didn’t, but it could have. Sometime during the weekend dh mentioned he thought we needed to get the wills made asap, because you never know what could happen, we hadn’t completed our Legacy drawer and he thought we really needed to. I agreed whole heartedly. After all, it’s not just him that needs a will, but myself and ds. We are all working out the details more clearly now.