My 2 Cents:

1. Pay off the last CC in January. We will then be Original Debt Free.

2. I want to save $20,000 by next October.

I will have a $6,500 jump-start by end of December due to my mother’s death. It is an unexpected gift, and it will go straight into a Roth with an aggressive growth mutual fund to grow it as much as we can.

Since we will be original debt free by January, beginning in February I should be able to save $1500 a month. If I stick to that plan, it will amount to $13,500 by end of October, which when combined with the $6,500, will amount to $20k. This will allow us to move to Texas (we are assuming the landlord will make good on his promise and put our place up for sale in October) with enough of a nest egg to move and/or pay cash for a house.

I almost bought 3/4 acre this week in Dallas metro. I’m trying not to succumb to “the fever.”

3.. DH needs to start job hunting in Texas.

The signs of closure coming are already appearing on the walls at work. He has a major project lined up with Toyota which will go through spring/early summer, so unless they do a major layoff en masse he will likely be one of the last to go, but we knew when he took this job that we would get 3 years max, out of it. (Short version of a long story….they’re an overseas based company, and it has to do with Immigration, Politics, Company visas for their higher ups, etc.) So it’s a year earlier than we anticipated, but not entirely unexpected.

I told DH that “if the end comes” we are WAY better positioned than we were when he was fired 2 years ago. And this time, we will do what we should have done last time which is just suck up the $1,000 and send him job hunting in Dallas metro for a month. Plus I think if we start unemployment here, we can keep it going in Texas until he finds work, and the cost of housing is WAY WAY less there.

4. Lose 50 lbs

5. Save any extra income (beyond $1500/month) in a FFEF.

I’m thinking $8k will cover it, and if it turns out we don’t “need” it (ha!) I will use it to pay off DH’s motorcycle.

6. Line up extra work gigs.

I have a feeling (shared by the foster parents) that I am going to be out of a job come January. They think bio-dad’s parents are going to put in for custody of the baby, which if they do, will likely be granted.