It took about 2 years

She didn’t live with us at the time, as I explained, she was a college graduate and living on her own, well actually, with a couple roommates. One of the roommates was the one who got her involved with Quixtar.

What happened was, she called me one day in tears because she was so deep in credit card debt from Quixtar that she couldn’t make her payments. She told me she was going to have to sell her car and get a cheaper one because she could no longer manage the payments. That’s when I told her I would help her on the condition that she no longer spent money on Quixtar. I think by that time, she realized that she was spending way too much for what her income was. She agreed immediately and I gave her some financial assistance. She still has her car and no more Quixtar. She never speaks to the roommate who got her involved in Quixtar (who was her “best” friend at the time).

We’ve talked about Quixtar now and she agrees that it was just a bunch of lies and foolishness. All those people in her upline that acted like her best friends would no longer call her or return her calls after she dropped out. We both agree that they weren’t really her friends, but just using her for their own gains. I think that also was a turning point for her. One thing I must say, my daughter never alienated us or her real friends while she was involved in Quixtar regardless of what our feelings were on the matter. She accepted our beliefs and never tried to push Quixtar on any of us. So, perhaps for her, the “Quixtar hook” wasn’t in deep enough. She did try to sell us on it in the beginning, but when we said “no” she just accepted our decision and never disconnected from any of us. For that I was glad. I have heard from other people that their loved ones completely separated themselves from them when they spoke badly about Quixtar. We always supported her, but not her business. It’s a fine line to walk sometimes, but we did the best we could.

Best wishes for both you and your son. I know it is a long hard road to try to get them to see the truth about Quixtar. Some folks here have some very good advice and they helped me tremendously when I was going through it.