I knew it was coming (and half heartedly was hoping for it)

but I was hoping it would at least last through December. The job I had babysitting the foster baby just wasn’t working out. I encouraged them to find someone else who would better suit their needs (he wants a person who cleans the house 95% of the time and cares for the baby 5% of the time and she wants someone who can stay there 10 hours straight a day; neither of which is me. I could write reams about both false expectations someday when I need a laugh.)

I am grateful that I recognized this job for what it was: God providing us a way to be original debt free by year end. After this Friday I will only have 1 CC left, and I should be able to earn enough in December and January to pay that off (or else I’ll use the money inherited from my mother.)

On the other hand, because I knew it was only a matter of time before this ended, I started upping my availability with the nurse. This week for example, I’ll end up working 22 hours for her. That’s the same amount I would have worked at the baby’s, but it’s way less disruptive to my family. The problem is that the nurse job isn’t consistent, whereas the baby more or less was.

We have done a great job being intentional with the baby’s checks, fell off the wagon a week here or there, but for the most part it went directly to debt. So I just need to keep that up with the nurse checks.

Thanks for all the support from this group–couldn’t do it without you.