Forgive me if this is too personal of a question

but how was your son supporting himself in college? I know that when I was in college I relied a great deal on my parent’s financial support, in addition to my own savings. If you are helping him out financially at all, it might make sense to tell him that the financial support will continue only if he continues college, or if he’s working at a non-Quixtar related job, or something along those lines. Do not let him use any money that you give him for the business. Quixtar is expensive. Of course, I know that some people run up a huge amount of credit card debt, which is also something to avoid, but I know that it’s very hard for a person in their early 20’s to get a credit card with a large limit. I believe my first credit card had a spending limit of about $700-$1000 dollars, and it was a year or so before I could get it raised (I had to develop a credit history to do so).