DO NOT directly counter his information

There is almost no way I can put this so you’ll find it easily believable, so the best I can say is that I am speaking literally here and not exaggerating. His upline (do you know the names of those he “worships?”) does not make money on product sales. They make money on the sales of CDs, tapes, books, and conventions. The CDs all tell him he can succeed as long as he keeps at it AND keeps buying the CDs. Quackstar is a cult. This is the part you’ll find hard to take literally, but it is true. It is a cult and recognized as such by cult experts. The IBOs, or IBDrones, as I call them, have been brainwashed. Again, I’m speaking literally. The CDs repeat the same stuff so much that he truly believes what they say.
When it comes to understanding the situation, he is, at this point, likely completely incapable of following any line of reasoning that contradicts anything he has been taught. He might just not hear what is said or might walk away or he might throw a tantrum or interrupt just as you’re getting to a key point.

The bottom line is that he will not hear what you say if it contradicts his brainwashing, even if he is standing right there, looking you in the eyes and paying full attention. It is important to understand this and come to terms with that face.

My ex-girlfriend was an IBDrone. I ran the numbers in front of her once and she just got a blank face. She actually had tested high enough to be a genius, and I mean that literally, and had no problems with Math.
She invited me to a convention. I asked the price and how many were attending and ran the numbers (some which I had researched ahead of time) and said, “Okay, so 5,000 to 8,000 attending. If that’s 6,000 at $100 each, that’s $600,000, or $100,000 more than half a million.” Then she said, “The coliseum is expensive.” I said, “Yes, one time I checked into the Richmond one, it’s about the same capacity or more, with 11,500 seats, and it rents for $25,000 a weekend. That means there’s still a profit of over half a million dollars.”

She spaced out on me. She was literally incapable of coming to terms with such information. My mistake, and I know this as a teacher, but when our emotions are involved, we don’t think at our best, was that I *TOLD* her the numbers. I didn’t let her figure them out. For instance, “There’s, on average, 7,500 people there at $100 each. How much is that for the people running it?” Then let them do the math and start asking questions like, “Do they pay for advertising or is it done through your voice mail? Do they pay for the voice mail system? Do you? Who pays the workers, or are they volunteers in the system?” Just start asking questions and DO NOT tell him things.

If you tell me something, I can doubt it and it can be a lie. If I discover it on my own, I know it’s true!