I don’t post much here, but this really made me have to say something

While it may not be an MLM, it can’t be a good organization if they’re using a proxy server.

And I would have to be tortured into typing my SS# into a website.

Really. This may be legit, but as someone who deals with lots of malware and keeps up on internet security issues, I have to ask – why would ANYONE supply an SS# on the internet?

Their payrates have to be really really low.

I have belonged to a site called MyPoints for years. I earn points for clicking on links they email me, which can be redeemed for gift cards etc. I have never had to give them my SS#. And it takes months and months to earn enough points for a $25 gas card. I have a dedicated email addy for their mail to isolate partner spam.

Anyhow, Yuwie seems like a marketing site, not a social networking site. Merchants will be paying for access to members. Now, it’s the same thing they do over at MyPoints, but there, they are up front about what you are signing up for.

Please please don’t download any software from them. I’m pretty certain it would be spyware.

And good luck.