Oh you wouldn’t believe the pressure ds

and I put on him after last Thursday, but he’s digging in his heels. Mortgage has to be totally gone, and repairs done before he’ll consider it. So guess who is making a BIG payment today on the mortgage, once it is done we will be under the $60,000 mark for the total.

Hey all! Thought I would share a little info I learned today

I have a secured credit card with CapitalOne… its pretty old, and I had actually forgotten it started as a secured (after some time they just made it a regular card with a high limit, but retained my initial small deposit) until I was looking just earlier today online at my statement.

This card is the next one on my list to be paid off and closed, so that was why I was looking intently.

Anywho – after realizing it was a secured card (meaning I paid CapitalOne money to start the account) I was wondering if the amount of my secured deposit might just cover the remaining balance and effectively zero out and pay this one off.

It does and it doesn’t…

So what they told me is yes I can close the card today and they will apply the deposit amount to the remaining balance, but not until AFTER it is closed. Meaning they will report to the credit bureaus it was closed with a balance remaining due (which may affect my score).

My other option is to pay them the full amount as planned, then once the card is at 0 balance close the account, and they’ll mail me a check for my deposit.

Its apples to apples… but I have opted to just play their silly game. Closing this account will probably lower my score a little bit anyhow, and I don’t want to lower it so much that my car insurance rate goes up or something else silly and illogical but yet plausible.

If any of you have secured cards, secured loans, etc – know that you need to pay off in full, then get your deposit refund for it not to show a balance due on your credit report!

My goals for 2015:

1.) Make some sort of chart like Jan makes for her debt goals – I am a visual person and the activity of seeing my debt reduce would help to motivate me :-). I have my spreadsheet, but a constant activity will keep my on track.
2.) Get solar panels installed on our home while the feds are still offering the 30% rebate.
3.) Plant a vegetable garden
4.) Gets dads secret pickling recipe and pickle those veggies
5.) Eat healthier (cut processed foods as much as possible, bring fruits and nuts to work for snacks)