The “star for the day” came when

I re-negotiated our land lease contract so that it more accurately reflected what we wanted and needed and could afford. Then I set out to determine ways to pay for that which wouldn’t be quite so ouchy. That portion of my homework is still in motion; I have several potential ways to pay for it but I haven’t landed any of the cash yet. My goal is to do so within the next two weeks, rather than wait until the very end of the month to meet the Jan 1st deadline. I also shopped around for a suitable care package gift for my SIL who is home recovering from her auto accident. I was able to find a good selection of good-condition National Geographics available online that I could send to her. Sent her an entire year’s selection of Natl Geog’s for a grand total of $9.47, shipping included. That’ll give her plenty to read when she gets tired of Netflix. A second star for the day event during the week was that my truck was having some cold-morning startup issues, and we went back through the maintenance records and realized it hadn’t had new coolant/antifreeze put in since we acquired it 6 years ago. Plus it was horribly overdue for an oil change. So in my new enthusiasm for being able to pay for stuff, I took it down to the neighborhood lube place and an hour later, it had new fluids. Starts and runs a lot better now. A third star for the day came when I started to consider again whether we should start unloading some unneeded equipment to generate more income; the more I looked around this weekend the more potentially sellable stuff I found. My motivation to get our debt paid off in time for my Sept 2015 deadline is starting to weigh on me since current earnings won’t quite do the trick. I feel myself moving into that frame of mind that DR described, where we’re so motivated to unload stuff to bring in extra cash, the kids start thinking they might be next. I’m just about there.

The “dog ate my homework” portion was that I was pretty sure I could cover the Nat’l Geogs and truck servicing within my normal weekly cash flow, but I didn’t check first to make sure. And it turns out I had a few bills come due this week, along with our free-range, organically fed, heritage breed turkey purchase that I sorta forgot about. So I had to scramble to make sure everything was covered. Ended up taking money out of one of the sinking funds which was originally intended for something else. As if that wasn’t enough, the truck servicing came the morning that I normally fill my cash envelopes. So instead of doing that methodically before I got going, I took the truck in first to try to get it done before all my other errand-running for the day (like going to the bank). Then the rest of the day I felt like I was behind the 8-ball because I didn’t go through the now-familiar routine of filling my envelopes and knowing how much I can put towards each item. Note to self: don’t do that in the future! Go to the bank FIRST!!